On behalf of Regione Piemonte and thanks to regional public funding, Piemonte Agency manages “Invest in Torino Piemonte”, a project devoted to investment attraction that aims at increasing the internationalization index of the region and at strengthening its economic development and competitiveness.

The project has the objective to attract new investments, to stimulate the return of companies, re-shoring and M&A operations by working in strong cooperation with the stakeholders, implementing the dialogue with the local entrepreneurial system, multinationals, while encouraging the development of networks among local and foreign companies, universities and schools.

Activities include:

  • International marketing events
  • National and international lead generation activities
  • Activities in Piemonte that foresee
    • rounds of meetings with the multinationals located in the region focusing on retention and aftercare
    • personalised assistance to companies interested in setting up and investing in Piemonte
    • regional task force with the local Chambers of Commerce and other public bodies
    • support in Merger & Acquisition operations
  • Reshoring

Strategic sectors: Automotive, Aerospace, Life sciences