Contenuti Principali

List of specialists on International Business Development Advisors

This is a permanent call for application to the above list, namely addressed to:

  1. International Business Development advisors applying for specific sectors / supply chains
  2. International Business Development advisors applying for specific geografical areas
  3. M&A and Investment attraction advisors

with a proven experience within international contexts and meeting the requirements expressed later on in the present call.

The List is aimed at acquiring CVs with the purpose of establishing a database for involving a high number of experts on othe occasion of restricted procedures launched by CEIPIEMONTE.

Interested experts are invited to apply following the procedure explicited in the registration form.

Names of the registered experts are to be made available on the CEIPIEMONTE website, conforming to D.Lgs. 33/2013.

Specialists can meet one or more of the following job descriptions:

  1. International Business Development advisors in specific sectors / supply chains

Supply chains / sectors of interest: automotive, aerospace, railway, mechatronics, plant engineering /industrial automation, agrofood, jewellery, textile and textile machinery, luxury, building, contract, health and wellness, ICT, energy, environment, green chemistry, infrastructure, logistics, printing, graphics and paper.

1a. Required activities

  • Supporting the selection of enterprises and mapping a complete sectorial supply chain of Piedmontese companies which are ready to address international markets;
  • Supporting the management of supply chains:
    • keeping relations with Piedmontese companies and key players and involving them in the scheduled activities
    • giving a technical analysis of offers
    • conceiving and developing aggregation activities and a fidelization policy
  • Analysing the trends of international markets;
  • Identifying international players / buyers and presenting them new products, services and technologies from Piedmontese companies for purchase, investments and international joint venture agreements;
  • Customized marketing support to companies;
  • Supporting companies on web marketing and e-commerce;
  • Supporting checkup and commercial tutoring towards foreign markets;
  • Supporting company grouping to create networks and to foster the submission of innovative projects to international clients;
  • Supporting the participation in international calls for tenders (for single companies and / or groupings);
  • Participation in task-forces on specific topics organized by national or international institutions;
  • Promoting supply chains to new clients also at international events;
  • Management, coordination and monitoring of requests / offers sent to companies by international clients;
  • Editing reports on technical analyses;
  • Preparing follow-up proposals.

1b. Evaluation criteria

  • Established technical & commercial experience (preferably marketing and international sales) in one or more supply chains / sectors
  • Deep knowledge of market mechanisms in other countries and familiarity with approaching international clients
  • Competence to certify that type / company services meet international demands and the target of CEIPIEMONTE activities;
  • Ability to involve companies in task-forces, with the aim of meeting specific demand by international clients;
  • Direct knowledge of distribution channels, of the mechanisms of the main international markets, of certifications required by the sector / market segment;
  • Multiannual experience in developing activities of check up and commercial tutoring for SMEs and startups;
  • Ability and competence in forming company groups, networks and clusters;
  • Negotiation skills also with public authorities and institutions.


  1. Experts in Business Development by geographical area

Areas of interest:

Africa (Angola, Mozambique, Ethiopia, Kenya, Senegal, Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa), the Balkans (Albania, Bosnia, Macedonia, Serbia), NAFTA (USA, Canada, Mexico), Latin America (Argentine, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Uruguay), Central Asia (Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan), Brazil, Caucasus (Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan), China, South Korea, Europe (Germany, France, United Kingdom, Holland, Scandinavia and Baltic countries, North-East Europe), Far East (Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand), Japan, Persian Gulf (Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Iran, Iraq, Iraqi Kurdistan), India, North Africa and Middle East (Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Israel), Russia, Turkey.

2a. Required activities

  • supporting the identification and analysis of (i) potential growth capacity to develop business over international markets; (ii) services needed for accessing international markets; (iii) viable prospects and objectives;
    • supporting them in the identification of business opportunties in the target markets, planning a suitable action schedule;
  • supporting skilled activities, business support, especially: (i) customized assistance for accessing target markets, (ii) task forces on specific areas, (iii) networking and clustering; (iv) incoming and outgoing missions of companies and related activities;
  • supporting the creation of a sales office inside the company and studying a viable marketing plan;
  • supporting fundraising activities, in particular: identifying funding sources implemented by public and private investors (i.e. development banks, local institutions, private equity funds, venture capital funds, business angels);
  • supporting the participation in international tenders;
  • editing of reports and technical analyses;
  • editing follow-up proposals.

2b. Evaluation criteria

  • multiannual experience with the target countries;
  • specific knowledge of the country / area of interest (local context, sector trends, features of the sector as of regulatory requirements, legal requirements, tax requirements, social features and cross-cultural negotiation;
  • experience in conceiving and performing accompanying measures to access target countries;
  • knowledge of funding sources implemented by local & international organizations;
  • established network of contacts on site
  1. Experts in international M&A and investment attraction

3a. Required activities

  • supporting the evaluation, management and accompanying of investment projects by foreign companies (newcomers or formerly located in Piemonte);
  • identifying companies (and/or intermediaries) interested in investing in Piemonte;
  • company checkouts and visits;
  • editing complete application files;
  • broad direction on grant awards and pull factors due to regional/national/European funds;
  • cooperation and/or supporting the setting up of a file on faisibility of M&A operations;
  • helping to find opportunities for locations in favour of companies and investors interested in real estate actions
  • supplying potential investors a basic legal / tax advice;
  • editing detailed reports with technical analyses and follow-up proposals

3b. Evaluation

  • working experiences in the field of attracting direct foreign investments and / or experience in international M&A;
  • skills in grant awards, with particular attention to regional, national and European tools.
  • Longlasting professional experiences in supplying advisory services to companies on operations of expansion, restructuring, takeover;
  • established professional experience in the management of grant award files on behalf of SMEs and Big companies.;
  • attending roundtabls on the above topics in the framework of national/international organizations;
  • competence in the real estate and legal/tax fields.

Once received all applications, CEIPIEMONTE reserves the right to interview applicants to clarify aspects mentioned in the CVs.

CVs will to be included into a database; every time an assignment is to be made, CEIPIEMONTE will chose and involve the experts whose CVs contain the skills required by the specific activity to be implemented.

Assignments will be made on a rotation basis, according to experiences, knowledge, specialization , in function of the requested service.

CEIPIEMONTE reserves the right to identify experts to be invited to restricted procedures launched within its declared competences, its experience and specific knowledge. In case the requested skills are not included in the database, CEIPIEMONTE can invite external experts, though in full transparency.