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Piemonte at The Battery Show Europe - Stuttgart, 18-20 June 2024 

Come to Halle 6 - Booth E-40 and meet 11 Piemonte exhibiting companies presenting their products and capabilities,including automotive components, battery components and materials, battery pack development and manufacturing, power management/BMS, prototyping, testing, engineering consultancy, vehicle manufacturing, EV charger/second life use. 

Piemonte companies at The Battery Show 2024

Piemonte has a historical heritage in industry and is currently a hub for traditional and advanced production systems in: automotive, aerospace, railway, appliances, energy, health, domotics.
The territory gives home to SMEs and key players ensuring top class know-how and innovative hi-tech products: a unique set of mechanics, electronics, information technology and control systems to automate production systems and simplify human work
The close cooperation between the entrepreneurial and academia/research network ensures excellence in mechatronics and investments in Industry 4.0.

Applications and excellences

Applications and excellences

Mechatronics can find a wide range of industrial applications, mainly concerning robotics, automation, electronics and information technology.

Piemonte territory boasts both producers and subcontractors of systems applied to all these fields, added to components, products and services.
Big Data, Digital Twins and advanced simulation are fundamental skills of Piemonte’s mechatronics offer: traditional mechatronic technologies are flanked by new digital technologies as well by those linked to data-driven production.
Piemonte is a leading supplier of additive manufacturing technologies, vision systems and superconductor cables. Moreover, in Piemonte the use of virtual reality and augmented reality to modernize staff training and to conduct maintenance operations is exemplary. All these skills and enabling technologies in Piemonte are already realities and part of the implementation of a 4.0 strategy shared by companies, big players and driven by institutions. In Piemonte mechatronics means:

In Piemonte mechatronics means:

  • unique technical know-how
  • innovative products and processes
  • high quality standards
  • project design capabilities
  • production flexibility


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