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Piemonte at The Battery Show Europe - Stuttgart, 18-20 June 2024 

Come to Halle 6 - Booth E-40 and meet 11 Piemonte exhibiting companies presenting their products and capabilities,including automotive components, battery components and materials, battery pack development and manufacturing, power management/BMS, prototyping, testing, engineering consultancy, vehicle manufacturing, EV charger/second life use. 

Piemonte companies at The Battery Show 2024

Piemonte and its capital city Torino, birthplace of Fiat, now Stellantis, is a leading cluster in the global automotive & transportation sector due to the presence of national and international Key players, a complete and competitive supply chain, R&D centres, and a network of institutions, R&D centres, labs, business incubators and top universities, including a world renown engineering academy. Altogether they develop and refine innovative systems and production processes to improve transport efficiency.

VTM TORINO: International Business Convention for Automotive & Vehicle Innovation

VTM Torino is a new mobility technology event that brings together the vehicle and transportation community: from vehicle makers and tier suppliers to mobility decision makers, disruptive technology entrepreneurs and solution providers. The fourth edition will take place in Torino on 26-27 March 2024.

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Piemonte is the forerunner in Italy in terms of automotive components and accounts for around 45% of the national automotive sector's revenue (Source: Automotive Industry 2020", by ITA - Italian Trade Agency).

  • over 730 automotive components companies
  • 33.6% of the Italian automotive components industry is in Piemonte
  • 34.3% of the Italian automotive components turnover is in Piemonte
  • 56,800 employees

Source: 2023 Observatory on the Italian Automotive Components Sector and on the Services for Mobility, by Torino Chamber of Commerce and ANFIA.

Comprehensive know-how

Piemonte’s automotive & transportation production comprises the entire supply chain from the upstream phases to the final products, offering business and know-how from the concept of the vehicle till its delivery: project planning, prototyping, styling, robotics and automation, components and mass production, industrialisation of the product and driving test.

The new challenges of the sector

Companies are indeed developing more and more distinctive technologies and solutions in the fields of electrification, connectivity, autonomous driving, sustainable and sharing mobility, Big Data and software-designed vehicles, projecting the whole territory towards new challenges and new consumer markets.

It is possible to find in Piemonte the necessary know-how for electric vehicle development, integration, production and all the solutions and services needed for full electrical mobility, including energy storage and distribution.

In addition Piemonte companies are working on innovative smart mobility concepts integrating vehicles and infrastructure through the application of advanced digital technology.

When dealing with mobility experimentation, Torino offers exceptional possibilities. Torino is in fact one of the first cities in Italy allowing the testing of connected and autonomous vehicles on its public roads and not only in areas closed to traffic.  The city offers, at simplified conditions, 35 kms of dedicated roads and telematics infrastructures for the testing of innovative solutions for urban living in real contexts.


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