In Piemonte, the aerospace sector is one of the productive and scientific excellences, confirming the regional vocation for technological innovation. Piemonte can boast a complete pipeline of skills and qualifications, high-level manufacturing, processes and service companies, cooperation with universities and the R&D network, unique products and engineering know-how, educational & training system and an organized supply chain. Piemonte aerospace scenario is further enriched by the presence of the Piemonte Aerospace District and by the core of Italy’s Space industry: Thales Alenia Space, the Italian Institute of Technology (IIT) and the Center for Space Human Robotics (CSHR), a spin-off of Politecnico of Torino.

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Facts and numbers about aerospace sector in Piemonte

  • 280 SMEs
  • 14.800 employees
  • 3.9 billion € turnover
  • Piemonte detains 17% of national exports of the sector corresponding to almost 735 million €
  • Piemonte exports are mainly directed to the USA (26%), Germany (22%) and the UK (17%)

A competitive environment

The five regional big players – Leonardo Aircraft, Avio Aero, Collins Aerospace, Thales Alenia Space, ALTEC- head the development and production of avionic and electronic systems, radar, flight simulators, space propellers, scientific satellite systems and space infrastructure, aeronautic propellers, actuation systems, aircraft and aircraft sections: their work ranges from civil transport to scientific applications, from telecommunications to defence. Another sector of specialization is the construction of ultra-light aircraft, which is undertaken by a couple of small companies. Alongside the major enterprises, a group of over 20 medium sized production companies is specialised in the production of parts, components or entire systems for the aeronautical and space sectors. To top up this range of capabilities, in the last years Piemonte has been developing a unique know-how in the additive manufacturing, the productive process depositing successive layers of powder and then fusing them to form objects based on 3D models. A pool of top class companies, with the collaboration of the big player GE Avio Aero, is in fact active in the making of hi-tech aerospace, energy and racing components using the additive manufacturing process.

Strategic sourcing

The Piemonte aerospace supply chain is complete and offers final producers of complex subsystems and suppliers of parts, components and functional groups that are incorporated in the following subsystems:

  • Aerostructure final assembly
  • On board avionics - Propulsion systems - Airframe structures & components
  • Electronic & electrical components & parts - Propulsion engine components - Interiors
  • Automatic control & data processing - Engine accessories - Environmental control systems
  • UAV, UAS, OPV - Space systems - Commercial satellites - Human space & advanced systems - Space components - MRO

To complete the industrial supply chain, there are companies which operate alongside the manufacturing process and provide technical industrial services. Their production ranges from project design to model making, from industrial design to structural calculation, also including specialised software manufacturing and the carrying out of laboratory tests.


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